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Peak Performers offers Private Training, Weekly Clinics, Small Group Training, and Speed Camps for all ages and levels, as well as Combine Training for high school and college athletes. Our reputation has reached the highest levels of athletics, and we continue to strive for new heights with our innovative training programs. We look forward to working with your athlete to enhance their performance and abilities in whatever sport you may be involved in. By developing character and sportsmanship, we are giving athletes the keys to athletic success. In achieving this, we can help place them one step ahead of the majority of competitors they face. The skills and athletic performance we teach will only widen the gap.

VertiMax Training

Peak Performers LLC offers VertiMax training, in addition to personal training for youth athletes.  Please see a brief summary below of the what the VertiMax training provides.

VertiMax offers a superior new training technology for youth athletes that’s both safe and highly effective developing functional strength strength, speed and vertical jump abilities. VertiMax is the one piece of equipment that will make a difference youth athletes will feel, their teammates will notice, and more importantly…their coaches will see! Not only do youth athletes love using it, they’ll see dramatic improvements in speed, vertical jump performance and overall athleticism within a few weeks.


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At Peak Performers, our personal sports conditioning trainers have experience training, coaching, and competing in sports and athletic competitions. Whatever sport you play, let us help condition and train your body to play the game like a well-oiled machine.